February 9, 2016

tuesday text

For several years I’ve been sending “thoughts to share” each Tuesday to friends via text. That list of friends has grown to more than 100! So it’s time for me to simplify the sending process. So each week, I hope to send you the Tuesday Text Thought to Share via the blog. As always, feel free to comment. Conversation is always good for the soul.


Thought to share: If your focus is set on problem solving, you will be consumed by your problems. If your attention is given to resolving issues, your issues will overwhelm you. But, if your focus is on ME, MY Presence will surround you and you’ll experience MY peace. If your gaze is locked on ME, your problems shrink in size as you realize MY great capacity to handle any issue you may have. I have every solution. Look at ME and let ME lead you in peace to the resolution.

  • Luke 18:27
  • Psalm 85:8

7 thoughts on “February 9, 2016

  1. This is exactly what I just spent time praying about this morning. I tend to try to fix things, mend them, control what I really can’t. Trusting Abba has been and still is a difficult journey I’m on. But he’s here, and I’m learning to listen and give things to him.

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  2. He is so much better at handling things. Things fall right into place when I give him my problems. Now to remember this before I get all caught up in the crazy.

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    • That is so true. Though still in progress, realizing that God sees the whole picture and I don’t, He definitely has the best plan and the best solution. I am learning to focus on God and become intimate with Him. When the idea is too familiar it is probably me! So I am learning to be still and just rest in our Father’s good judgment. Oh – it is taking me a loooonnnngg time.

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