The Complaining Challenge Day 2

Monday, November 13

Congrats! You survived the first day! And, you’re back for round two, which means you’re headed down the road of success.

Here’s something to think about. In the book of Exodus, God delivered the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. And it was AMAZING. Miracle after miracle, God supernaturally provided everything they needed and set them free in a spectacular display of power and might. However, in the book of Numbers, we find the Israelites are unhappy with this adventure into freedom.

  • In Numbers 11, the Israelites complained. They complained about the difficulties of living in the desert. They complained about the manna God provided. They complained about not having meat.
  • In Chapter 12, Miriam and Aaron complained. They criticized Moses, his leadership and his choice for a wife.
  • In Chapter 13, the Israelites sent 12 spies into the Promised Land to scope out the terrain. When they returned, 10 of them complained about what they saw. While they did have some good things to say, they complained about other things.
  • In Chapter 14, the negative report of the spies caused the whole community to complain.

All of this complaining resulted in the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for 40 years. And, it prevented anyone over the age of 20 from entering into the Promised Land.

I am NOT implying that God will deal with us as He did the Israelites when they complained. What I want us to see is that complaining is not OK with God. It’s not a minor infraction. He views it as evil. It’s a much bigger deal than we think. And, there are consequences to complaining. Could it be that complaining prevents the promises of God manifesting in our life? Keeps us from stepping into His promises for us? Could it be a hindrance to breakthrough?

Today, I encourage you to read Numbers chapters 11-14. Then, read 1Corinthians 10:1-11. I know it’s a lot of reading for a busy Monday, but trust me, it’s worth the investment of your time.  If you need to, break it down by reading a chapter here or there throughout the day. It’s important for the overall journey we’re on. Journal what you think God is saying to you. And, I promise, I won’t give this much the rest of the week!!

*Don’t forget to ask yourself the Reflection Questions and record your answers at the end of your day! AND connect with your accountability partner!

10 thoughts on “The Complaining Challenge Day 2

  1. When I saw the challenge for day two and the scripture references I realized I used these same verses in my message yesterday. My message wasn’t about complaining but I think God may be trying to tell me something. Thanks for the challenge.

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  2. I began the challenge a couple of weeks ago when Kim first mentioned it. As I’m sure with many, I was unhappy to realize how much I complained. I remembered when I first got saved 41 years ago, without my even asking, the Lord took swearing from me. It happened in this manner: the very day I got saved when I swore it hurt my ears, day two the Lord allowed me to realize it before I said it and by day three I no longer thought it. That was a gift. However, I have asked the Holy Spirit to change me in this manner so that it would hurt my ears if I complained, then He would allow me to recognize it before I said it (that is the stage I am now in). Some of the things that come out of my mouth are quite bizarre as I start to complain then change the sentence to one that is positive. I was extremely thankful this morning when a sister called me from a different church with a complaint against leadership. I could immediately recognize it and rather than join in, the Lord prompted me to begin praying for that same leadership. That is a powerful turn of events that could have further trampled the kingdom of God but then instead it was lifted. I am so very greatfull for this challenge and what the Lord is already doing in me all for his glory. And of course after reading today’s devotion was even more grateful. I love how He is changing me!

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  3. I really don’t think I’m a complainer but I’m sure God’s going to real revealed to me that I probably am.
    you can’t change what you don’t see WOW that’s God he’s working already!

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  4. Well not so good today….Came home and watched the service on “Another brick in the wall” I do however realize I’m complaining and stop myself. But did get sucked in a couple times at work. Not giving up, tomorrows a new day.

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    • The struggle is a good thing! I️t means you hear the voice of Holy Spirit and you’re stopping to listen! The struggle is becoming aware and then choosing to partner with Him instead of doing what you normally do! You are making progress!


  5. Awesome stories. Several years ago I made a declaration statement for my life, I CHOOSE TO LIVE IN OBEDIENCE TO GOD And HIS WORD IN EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE NO MATTER WHAT! HOLY SPIRIT began cleaning house in my life. HE asked me why I tell people HE’s in control of my life and then engage in Loud verbal arguments with a certain supervisor at work! It is amazing how clear we see when the light of the LORD shows up and after repentance I found I had joy overflowing even when mistreated!!! HOLY SPIRIT said HE knew my circumstances and could change them anytime HE wanted to so too complain about them was to say HE was doing things wrong! Wow, that surely changed my attitude!!! This was when I started my NO COMPLAINING phase of life (many failures) and am excited about Kim’s message which helped me to reevaluate my progress! I applaud the 7 days challenge and all who accepted it. Back then I only had the guts to make it 7 minutes,LOL!!!

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