We’re moving!


We’ve got great news – we’re moving!

And here’s the scoop!

In the next few weeks, kimwahl.com is moving to OneStepCloser.life. I’ve created the new site in conjunction with my husband Bill, and our goal is to help others take the next step in their journey with Jesus. This site has articles written by both of us that we hope will encourage and help you successfully navigate the twists and turns throughout the adventure of following Jesus.

We’ll continue to add tools and resources to the site, as well as send newsletters sharing with you the things we’ve learned (and continue to learn) on our journey, with Him. So be sure to sign up for our mailing list when you’re there. We want to keep in touch and encourage you on a regular basis.

The site also features our first book, The Complaining Cure: How to Quit Grumbling, Stop Criticizing, and Find Abundant Joy. We are very excited about this project and believe it is a powerful resource that will be very beneficial to you – we know because it was very beneficial to us! If you have not yet read it, we encourage you to order your copy, because we know it will help smooth out the bumps found along the road of life.

The book is available in paperback, ebook and audio. And can I tell you, the narrator of the book is just awesome!! Click hereto listen to his voice!

Thank you for your support of kimwahl.com over the past 5 years. I have been so encouraged by your response to each post, the comments you’ve made and the times you shared. Each one was a blessing as I dipped my toes into the waters of writing. We hope you enjoy OneStepCloser.life just as much.

And please continue to share! Share on social media, tell with your friends and encourage them to join the mailing list. Our hearts desire really is to help everyone get step closer to the heart of Jesus.

Here’s to new adventures,

Bill&Kim Written Sig1

ps – if you’re not sure if the book is for you, take this quiz to see!

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