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And, did you know we’ve started an Insider Community on Facebook?


We’d love to connect with you there too! To join, click this link  and request to join the group. We’ll ask you to show us your receipt of purchase for The Complaining Cure. If you do not have a receipt, you can show us a picture of you holding your copy of the book – which is better because we’d LOVE to see YOU. 

Inside the group we plan to share content you won’t find anywhere else to help you in your journey with Christ. Our desire is to encourage you to move one step closer to His heart. This group will give you a place to discuss the trials and thrills of the journey with others who are moving forward just like you. And we will be there to encourage and cheer you on step by step.

Our official moving date is March 10th. On that day, will close. We don’t want to loose contact with you. Will you take a moment to visit and sign up for mailing list? We promise not to bombard you with a ton of emails! 😉

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